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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Peace Mantra: Peace in Everything, Everything in Peace...

Peace in Everything, 
Everything in Peace.

Light in Peace,
Light of Peace,
Light for Peace.

Glaxies in Peace,
Glaxies of Peace,
Glaxies for Peace.

Planets in Peace,
Planets of Peace,
Planets for Paz.

Planet Earth in Peace,
Planet Earth of Peace,
Planet Earth for Peace.

North in Peace,
North of Peace,
North for Peace.

West in Peace,
West of Peace,
West for Peace.

East in Peace,
East of Peace,
East for Peace.

South in Peace,
South of Peace,
South for Peace.

Continents in Peace,
Continents of Peace,
Continents for Peace.

Africa in Peace,
Africa of Peace,
Africa for Peace.

America in Peace,
America of Peace,
America for Peace.

Asia in Peace,
Asia of Peace,
Asia for Peace.

Antarctica in Peace,
Antarctica of Peace,
Antarctica for Peace.

Europe in Peace,
Europe of Peace,
Europe for Peace.

Oceania in Peace,
Oceania of Peace,
Oceania for Peace.

Nations in Peace,
Nations of Peace,
Nations for Peace.

Societies in Peace,
Societies of Peace,
Societies for Peace.

Communities in Peace,
Communities of Peace,
Communities for Peace.

Science in Peace,
Science of Peace,
Science for Peace.

Creeds in Peace,
Creeds of Peace,
Creeds for Peace.

Economy in Peace,
Economy of Peace,
Economy for Peace.

Politics in Peace,
Politics of Peace,
Politics for Peace.

Religions in Peace,
Religions of Peace,
Religions for Peace.

Technology in Peace,
Technology of Peace,
Technology for Peace.

Soul in Peace,
Soul of Peace,
Soul for Peace.

Ego in Peace,
Ego of Peace,
Ego for Peace.

Mind in Peace,
Mind of Peace,
Mind for Peace.

Light in Peace,
Light of Peace,
Light for Peace.

Peace in Everything,
Everything in Peace.

Source: Mantra del Día: Paz en Todo, Todo en Paz...